Forest Biology Research Center Seminar Series

Fall 2018
Wednesdays at 4:10 PM
Plant & Environmental Science 3001
CRN 37558
  1. Sept 26 – Stephan Langer “Diversity and Taxonomy of Ponderosa Pine”
    • A video recording of this seminar is available here.
  2. Oct 3 – Aude Tixier, UC Davis Plant Sciences/INRA Dijon France “Dynamics of Carbohydrate Storage in Trees”
  3. Oct 10 – Daniel R. Cluck, Entomologist USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection Region 5 Susanville California “Impacts of the Recent Drought on Forest Health in Northeastern California”
  4. Oct 17 – Rainbow DeSilva, PhD Student UC Berkeley “Dispersal, Gene Flow, and Resilience in Forest Trees: Lessons from Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)”
  5. Oct 24 – Steve Seybold, Research Entomologist, USDA FS Pacific Southwest Research Station and Faculty Affiliate and Lecturer, Dept. of   Entomology and Nematology, UC-Davis. “Detection Survey and Impact of the Invasive Mediterranean Pine Engraver in the Urban Forests of the American Southwest.”
  6. Oct 31 – Alison Scott, Postdoctoral, Dept. Plant Sciences UC Davis “The Giant Sequoia Genome and Modern Forest Management”
  7. Nov 7 – John Williams, CDIIR Unidad Oaxaca “Predicting climate change impacts to forests of Mexico”
  8. Nov 14 – Angela White, US Forest Service – Pacific Southwest Research Station “Decision support for forest management in the Sierra Nevada”
  9. Nov 28 – Brandon Collins, Center for Fire Research and Outreach UC Berkeley “Changing Wildfire Patterns in Central and Northern California, How Much and Why?”
  10. Dec 5  –  Scott Stephens, Professor of Fire Science Dept of Environmental   Science Policy and Management UC Berkeley “Managed Wildfire and Mountain Hydrology in the Sierra Nevada: A Possible Win-Win”
    • A video recording of this seminar is available here.