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Introduction to Forest Biology – PLS 230 CRN 73732

Lead Instructor: David Neale
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Time and Locations:
This course is not offered for Fall Quarter, 2018, however, the seminar component is (CRN 37558).

Course Description:
Forest Biology is a cross-disciplinary topic that borrows from many of the core biological sciences. To be a forest biologist requires a familiarity with topics ranging from population genetics to ecosystem science. Our intent is to cover a broad range of forest biology topics, covering fundamentals of forest biology, but also critically examining what should be covered in a graduate forest biology course. We are seeking to engage interested students and faculty to come together to think about 21st century forest biology to create a core graduate curriculum that can be taught by 2-4 faculty, with occasional guest lectures to cover the essentials of forest biology.

Calendar for PLS 230:
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Lecture Schedule:

Class 1 Intro & review key physiological background Maciej Zwieniecki
Class 2 Freezing injury and resistance in trees Maciej Zwieniecki
Class 3 Physical & biological limits to tree height Maciej Zwieniecki
Class 4 Causes of tree mortality by drought Maciej Zwieniecki
Class 5 Molecular Transmission and Population Genetics David Neale
Class 6 Landscape Genomics David Neale
Class 7 Quantitative Genetics and Genomics David Neale
Class 8 Tree Breeding David Neale
Pathology / Entomology
Class 9 Intro to Forest Pathology and Entomology Steven Seybold
Class 10 Forest Diseases Steven Seybold
Class 11 Forest Insects Steven Seybold
Class 12 Interactions / Forest Diseases and Insects Steven Seybold
Class 13 Community Ecology / Succession Mark Schwartz
Class 14 Fire Ecology / Disturbance Mark Schwartz
Class 15 Forest Biogeography Mark Schwartz
Class 16 Ecosystem Ecology Mark Schwartz
Class 17 Principles and Concepts Malcolm North
Class 18 Stand Dynamics Malcolm North
Class 19 Forest Management Malcolm North
Class 20 “New Forestry” Malcolm North