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Forest Biology Research Center


Fall 2012

Location: Plant and Environmental Sciences building, Room 2005
Time: 4PM - 5PM

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 16th
Topic: "Climate Change Impacts on Post-Fire Regeneration"
Presenter: Derek Young, PhD Student in Truman Young's Lab @ UC Davis

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 30th
Topic: "Seven decades of forest change in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA"
Presenter: Christopher Dolanc, Post-Doc in Mark Schwartz's Lab @ UC Davis

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 13th
Topic: Webinar - "For whom the bell tolls: patterns, processes and consequences of fire-caused tree mortality"
Presenter: Phillip J. van Mantgem, USGS Western Ecological Research Center

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 27th
Topic: Climate change and assisted migration of trees
Presenter: readings/discussion in preparation for the fall outing

Date: Tuesday, Dec. 11th
Topic: "Effects of rising CO2 levels and climate change on natural forests across biomes" (tentative)
Presenter: Lucas Silva, Post-doc in William Horwath's lab

If interested in presenting contact jmearles at